Your Steps To Becoming a Confident Cosmetic Dentist

With over 10 years of experience in providing complex cosmetic dental care for my patients, I have learned a few shortcuts.

I have set up this online school to help young dentists who want to accelerate their growth into becoming the kind of dentist that they currently dream of becoming.

There are many online courses, some free, some paid for, which will teach you the key skills that you need to treat any case that comes to your practice.

We even have a case dedicated to improving your case acceptance - this is completely unique and possibly the most powerful course in the collection.

Once you understand human psychology and apply it to your consultations, you will see an immediate increase in your case uptake and treatment plan value.

Like everything in life, these courses will only change your life if you put the effort in.

We can guide you, and if you prefer 1-1 mentoring, this is an option, but small changes in what you are already doing will dramatically increase your case acceptance and enjoyment from Dentistry.

We can help you get there quicker.

Upper and Lower All on 4

We carried out upper and lower all on 4 treatment for this patient, with pterygoid implants.

He wanted a more natural end result with wear, so this is how we designed the smile

4 Veneers with an Implant

This was an extremely nervous patient, so we carried out upper veneer treatment (4 teeth) and a LR6 dental implant.

Unfortunately the implant had a late failure, so we had to manage this in its own way.

Smile with Mini Implants

The key to case acceptance is to find what your patinet would be happy with in terms of end result, and find a solution that works financially.

Here, we used cost effective, mini implants to provide a full upper set of teeth.